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“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort.”

– Jillian Michaels

Importance of Homework & It’s Advantages: a Handbook for Students

Homework has been around for hundreds of years and is now accepted as the norm in modern schools. Different people, however, have different perspectives on the importance of homework. Numerous students and parents believe that homework is a waste of time. However, this is not true – without being told, we know that homework is beneficial to education and for the benefit of students. Understanding the importance of homework can boost productivity and motivation. So, what are the benefits of homework, or how does homework benefit students?

Homework definition: what is homework?

Homework is a task assigned to students during the school day that should be completed at home. Teachers allocate homework to pupils to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Homework is used to supplement the lesson, revise information introduced in the class, and preview upcoming contents before class.

Advantages of homework for students: why should teachers give homework?

Homework is vital because it helps young children develop essential abilities that will benefit them throughout their school and work lives. Frequent homework completion should be viewed as an investment with great returns in any child’s future.

Here, we have explored some essential benefits of homework and why teachers must continue to give it.

  1. System of communication

Homework serves as a bridge, allowing parents and teachers to understand students’ learning experiences. It gives them a better insight into effective learning approaches that can be introduced to students’ development and growth.

  1. Helps maintain discipline

Doing homework daily can be exhausting, but it is vital to improving the discipline of children. Frequent homework helps with understanding certain notions that guide potential career choices. It also aids comprehension of a subject.

  1. Improves students’ ability to manage time

Homework is more than just a task; it teaches people how to manage their time and take charge of responsibilities. Homework usually comes with a deadline, and having a strong sense of that deadline encourages students to focus for better results. It also helps them build problem-solving techniques. This is a classic example of how homework is beneficial; practicing time management is a fundamental life skill. This will be useful to everyone in life.

  1. Revision skill

Routine homework encourages students to establish a study/revision structure that will aid them when studying for tests and examinations. Students who complete assignments regularly usually find it simple to adjust to a routine of regular studying at home. So, when next the question “is homework beneficial” is asked, one can safely say how well it has helped them follow routines. Revision skills help students revise more efficiently and also boost grades.

  1. Additional learning time

The duration of time allocated for classes may not be sufficient for some students to comprehend some topics. Having extra learning time at home allows students to focus on areas of study they may have problems with. It will also enable students to develop a deeper understanding than when they depended solely on their classroom sessions. Students’ learning paces can be different, after all. This additional time can have a significant impact on the overall knowledge gap.

  1. Convenient learning environment

Some students have difficulty learning outside their usual comfy study environment, and while schools can be, this is not always the case. There is usually no place that can substitute our homes. Homework allows students to absorb and recall information where they experience the most ease. This helps accelerate their learning progress.

  1. Applying educational resources

Understanding how to get around resources, including libraries and online databases, is essential. Homework encourages students to make research using these resources to perform tasks actively. That way, it becomes ingrained and can be utilized whenever needed.


Homework is, without a doubt, here to stay, and school systems must work to improve its value, integration, and evaluation in the learning community. It is high time that questions like “why is homework important” are replaced with ways to address the issues facing homework actively. Of course, there are disparities connected to homework in school systems. But students, families, and the entire school community must work together to maximize positive results for students.